Some Great Ideas For Mens Halloween Costumes

Some great Ideas for mens Halloween costumes

Great ideas For Horror Stlye Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are not just for the young. There has been a progressive widening of the segment of the adult population who wants to don Halloween Outfits and engage in little harmless role playing. Women have a wide range of choices available to them, with costumes ranging from vampy numbers, like the French maid, to the classic mistresses of horror, like the Bride of Frankenstein. Until recently, the selection of mens Halloween Costumes has been limited, but options are multiplying. Horror costumes based on some of the all time blockbuster films remain consistently near the top choices of outfits. Halloween Outfits that resemble Beetlejuice; Ghostface from Scream; Billy, the puppet from Saw; and Michael Meyers are always winners.

Beetlejuice is that sassy and somewhat irreverent ghost from beyond who enters the movie as a comic figure and grows darker as the story progresses and he becomes a force with which to be reckoned. He’s vulgar and crude, with distinctive body postures and movements. A man choosing to masquerade as Beetlejuice can have a lot of fun and freedom with the role. The well known black and white striped suit is an absolute must to pull off the role and is one of the best Mens Halloween costumes. A crafty person may be able to construct the suit, but that might cost more than a readymade costume. It is up to the new Beetlejuice to decide how far he wants to carry the role. Some accessories that will give the costume a more authentic look would be a Beetlejuice wig, although someone who has hair long enough to pull off the look may choose to tease it out and use white or gray colored hairspray. Makeup is an important accompaniment, and most chain stores, party stores, or seasonal stores carry what is needed.

Ghostface, from Scream, anotherone of the most popular mens Halloween costumes, that harbinger of terrible death, has a classic horror look that many rely on for simplicity and ease. A consistently dark persona, with a deep threatening voice that instills horror in those who hear him, his appearance was based on the painting “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch. Someone dressed as Ghostface needs to carry himself in a menacing manner. An advantage to choosing to dress up as Ghostface lies in the fact that no makeup is necessary. This is a costumes that consists of a long ragged black reaper’s robe, a long hunting knife (fake, if you please), and the eerie elongated white mask. This is not a look for someone who wants to play with makeup effects, as the mask goes beyond the shape of any human features.

Billy, the eerie and childlike puppet from Saw, manipulated by the killer known as Jigsaw, is easily recognized, even for those who are not fans. He communicates in a gravelly deep voice, usually starting with the phrase, “I want to play a game” in a manner that is anything but childlike. Masks are available that replicate the distinctive white face, with red circles on each cheek, deepset black eyes, and a hinged jaw. A person skilled with makeup may be able to replicate the face. Billy wears an old fashioned black suit with a white shirt and a red bowtie. He moves about on a vintage tricycle.

Michael Meyers from the Halloween series of movies is the quintessential scary monster from horror films, but is probably the easiest one to recreate. A silent hulking figure carrying an oversized butcher’s knife, someone choosing this costume need only don a pair of grease stained coveralls and the classic Michael Meyers mask. He may be able to pull off the look with makeup, but the mask plays an important role in the character, and the setting of suburban neighborhood streets emptied of trick or treaters, where there is a slim possibility he may, or may not, blend in.

These four classic mens Halloween Costumes are a mere sampling of the vast selection available today. They offer an opportunity to let go of the adult responsibilities for one night and engage in a little play and pretend time.

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The Best Mens Halloween Costumes From The 80’s

One of the most popular Halloween Costumes of all time

The Best In 80’s Horror And Mens Halloween Costumes

The 1980’s was definitely a decade cult film phenomena. The horror movies of the 80’s have set the trend for horror movie production up through this present time. Nightmare on Elm Street was a great series of horror movies. Freddy Krueger was the star villain of Nightmare on Elm Street. He was a man that terrorized the children in a small town. He was burned alive and the parents of the terrorized children watched him burn. Freddy’s got revenge by returning to the dreams of the teenagers in the town and killing them in their sleep.

Freddy Kruger used some pretty creative ways to kill the kids in their dreams. Johnny Depp actually starred in one of the earlier movies of Nightmare on Elm Street. The horror film franchise made a lot of money. A lot Mens Halloween costumes came forth from the birth of Nightmare on Elm Street. Whenever Freddy was killed in one movie, he would come back to life in the next movie through some crazy and insane ways. For instance in the beginning of Nightmare on Elm Street 4 a few kids get pulled into each other dreams and they all end up in a junkyard. A character by the name of Kinkaid had a dog, and his dog was in the dream with him. The dog finds his way to where Freddy is buried underground. The dog pees out fire and the camera gets a close up of Freddy’s skeleton and you can see all the muscles, tendons, and flesh form on the skeleton and Freddy is ready to begin another crazy killing streak. Freddy Krueger is one of the most popular Mens Halloween Costumes of all time.

Another favored horror movie is Pumpkinhead. In the movie Pumpkinhead, a man’s little boy was killed by a group of kids driving their motorbikes recklessly. The man wanted revenge for his son’s death. Pumpkinhead is a creature who can be conjured up by seeking a witch, but the price to pay is your soul (Evil Laughing). Pumpkinhead was a deformed boy who was killed by some mean kids; his mother whom is the witch, buried him. The man took his dead decaying boy’s body to the witch and she performed a spell to conjure up Pumpkinhead. He stands at 7”1 and he is one mean son of a gun. The man loses control of the demon and the demon starts killing at random. The demon had long arms razor sharp finger nails and protruding teeth. The only way the man was able to stop the demon was by killing himself. The demon killed one person by impaling him, lifting him like a ragdoll.

There are two words that speak for the next famed 80’s horror movie, “Michael Myers.” Michael Myers was a deranged killer who did not speak and he wore a mask. The movie is called Halloween. Michael Myers hacked and slashed his victims that tried to run away from him. The funny thing is, all he did was walk, and he never ran and still was able to catch his victims. There are many Mens Halloween Costumes that people wore from the movie Halloween. In the later 2000’s Rob Zombie remade the movie Halloween and it is truly a great film, it shows Michael Myers as a little boy growing up into adulthood. Anyone that loves horror movies knows that there are no horror movies like horror movies of the 80’s.

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The Walkng Dead And Mens Halloween Costumes

Zombieland. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It.

Zombies have taken over our cultural landscape, and it isn’t hard to understand why. They’re fun, they’re gory, they make excellent Mens Halloween costumes – what’s not to love?

At first glance, AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” looks like nothing more than an attempt to cash in on zombie mania. The story follows a group of survivors dealing with the brain-eating remnants of a world gone wrong. As they struggle to live on despite the horror – and the daily fights for their lives – their battle turns away from the supernatural and towards each other.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Originally a comic book, “The Walking Dead” was given to Frank Darabont to adapt based on the power of his name alone. An avid director/producer, his resume includes everything from “The Shawshank Redemption” to “The Green Mile” – both hits of horror master Stephen King – and the network looked at these successes and decided he could pull off another win on the small screen, hopefully with enough brand power for sequels and tie-in Halloween costumes.

The first thing he did was recruit his cast, pulling in Andrew Lincoln as his star, Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies as supporting actors. He even went into his filmography and pulled out several talents he’d worked with before, including Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Melissa McBride.

Once he had his people in place, the writing followed. A pilot was shot, attracting attention from the very beginning. Hollywood was amazed at his creation – more than a simple TV show, it showed promise as a legitimate franchise. The mens Halloween costumes were in sight!

Unlike other zombie stories, “The Walking Dead” didn’t make its namesake funny or laughable. It pitted its protagonists against a league of slavering, blood-soaked monsters in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and instead of cheap thrills and bad zombie costumes, the show emerged as a serious character study of life, fear, and survival.

It was a bold move for a zombie series, especially considering the resurgence of slasher comedy in recent years. Look around and you’ll find endless movies, TV shows, action figures, mens Halloween costumes, and even romantic comedies about zombies – and yet few dare to tread the path of “The Walking Dead,” which takes its subject matter at face value and lets it naturally scare the pants off us.

Frank’s gamble paid off. TWD was the highest-rated premiere ever seen on AMC, and the show itself is aired in 120 countries with millions of viewers each week. The ratings continue to rise. A second season will debut in October – just in time for mens Halloween costumes to fly off the shelves.

So why are we so obsessed with undead? It has to be more than the sexiness of vampires and the fun of zombie costumes. Perhaps it’s the thrill factor – the excitement of watching the world fall apart. Perhaps it’s the story – every self-respecting geek has zombie costumes in his closet and a contingency plan for when zombies REALLY attack.

Maybe it’s just good old-fashioned fear. Maybe, like the horror classics before it, “The Walking Dead” tapped into our cultural consciousness and pulled out what our lizard brains fear most – violence, struggle, hopelessness, and the growing realization that we really don’t understand death at all.

It could happen anytime. It only takes one virus, one resurrection, one infection. One bite, and those mens Halloween costumes aren’t so fake after all.

Happy Halloween

Mens Halloween Costumes that come direct from the movies. Halloween is the most popular time for dressing up in your favourite characters costume. Shop early for your Halloween outfits and avoid disappointment For The best ideas for Costumes for Halloween view our links

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The Best Reasons To Dress In Horror Style Mens Halloween Costumes

Top Five Reasons to Dress Scary for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween outfits, the world offers a lot of options. Should you go for spooky or silly? Fun or frightening? When you can become anyone else for one night of the year, how do you decide who – or what – to be?

Particularly for mens Halloween costumes, deciding how to dress for the big night can be a real headache. So we’ve made it easy for you. Here are our top five reasons for choosing horror-style Halloween outfits.

5: Popularity.

Hollywood movie monsters are some of the most iconic figures of our generation. More people recognize them than actors, athletes, and even politicians. Can you name all the members of the Supreme Court? Probably not. But you know Chucky and Freddy and Jason, don’t you?

By choosing to dress up like the most lasting nightmares of our age, you’re guaranteed to not only draw a crowd, but to delight, frighten, and entertain them… just the originals.

4: Nostalgia.

Whether they’ll admit it or not, most people have childhood memories of horror movie villains. Our monsters didn’t just hide in closets, they came roaring out with chainsaws in high-def.

The right choice in mens Halloween costumes will call back to those early years and awaken all the things people felt for their favorite ghosts, ghouls, killers, slashers, and evil hook-wielding fishermen. These kinds of Halloween costumes will get you noticed – and remembered – far more than any other get-ups.

3: Variety.

Scary Halloween outfits offer a wide variety of looks and are easily adaptable to your personal style. Feel like something casual? Grab a mask and call it a day. Want to drench yourself in blood and go around screaming like Sidney Prescott? Well, you’ll need a wig, but that’s possible too.

2: Ease.

Again, you can thank the popularity of Hollywood movies for this one. There are literally hundreds of scary costumes already pre-prepared for your convenience. And mens Halloween costumes excel in this area – no need to worry about sizing or comfort or appearing too feminine. Whether you’re looking for a simple hockey mask or a Pennywise costume with all the bells and whistles, Hollywood’s horror movie villains are big business for the XY chromosome.

Pinhead wasn’t a girl, after all.

1: Memorability.

The best Halloween outfits are the ones that leave an impression long after the holiday is over. If you want your costume to be the one everyone’s still talking about even after October has come and gone, you’ll need to choose something that really sticks out in their memory – something that scared the pants off them.

More than anything else, this is the reason you should spend Halloween horror-style. Anyone can don a goofy outfit. Anyone can recycle old prank costumes they found on the internet. But with the right look, you can reach inside the fears of your friends and haunt their nightmares just like a multi-million dollar movie. With a little effort, you can transcend all the other clowns and dime-a-dozen jokesters.

You can become, in short, unforgettable.

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Mens Halloween Costumes The Best 5 Scary Costumes

Top 5 Ideas For Scary Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it – the joke costume is dead. The wearer always thinks they’re being terribly clever, but the truth is that the same “funny” costumes get trotted out year after year and the laughs have nowhere to go but down. If you want things to be different this time around, you’ll need to branch out.

If you’re looking for mens Halloween costumes that are REALLY memorable, you need to say goodbye to giggles and hello to horror.

How can you freak out your friends this Halloween? Here are a few ideas for your Halloween costumes.

5: Zombies

They’re everywhere from “The Walking Dead” to “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” Shuffling, brain-hungry monsters have officially taken over our imagination, and the time to ripe to cash in. Luckily, zombies make for great mens Halloween costumes. Just throw in some blood and a little decomposition and you’re in business!

4: Chucky

Dolls aren’t just for girls… especially when they come armed with knives. Not only is Chucky an instant callback to the horror movies of our childhood, but he’s an excellent choice in fancy dress – popular yet not overdone, equal parts goofy and frightful, just like Halloween costumes should be. Wearing Chucky’s face is so easy that it’s practically, well, child’s play.

3: Leatherface

Who doesn’t remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? It was even remade for the next generation of moviegoers and wayward travelers. If you’re looking for mens Halloween costumes that are instantly recognizable in a crowded room, Leatherface is your best bet – and a simple one too. Just grab your mask and your giant saw and viola! You have the classic in Halloween costumes.

Just don’t be surprised if everyone gives you wide berth.

2: Psycho

Psychos are a great way to dress up without sacrificing your dignity as a dude. They’re gory, fun, easy to customize, and they offer endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own personal nightmare. Feel like covering yourself in blood and carrying a knife? Want to bust out of a mental health ward in an orange jumpsuit or a straitjacket? Go wild! You’ll scare your friends and still have your self-respect at the end of the evening. There’s nothing girly or embarrassing about a psychopath – just ask Hannibal Lector.

1: Freddy Krueger

A staple of horror movies and Halloween costumes alike, Freddy has been haunting our nightmares for over three decades. Did you know the first Elm Street movie came out in 1984? Add in all the sequels, the crossovers, the video games and the theme parks, and that’s multiple generations who have learned to fear scars and claws. Wearing a Freddy costume will get you noticed – and remembered – by everyone aged eight to eighty. This has got to be one of the scariest mens Halloween costumes of all time

Freddy never forgets.

Sleep tight.

Mens Halloween Costumes that come direct from the movies. Halloween is the most popular time for dressing up in your favourite characters costume. Shop early for your Halloween outfits and avoid disappointment
For The best ideas for Mens Halloween Costumes 2011

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Jack Skellington And Mens halloween Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins, oh my!

In 1993, audiences were introduced to the strange, garish dreamworld of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It was a land filled with the freakish and the odd – everything from talking rag dolls to faithful zombie dogs. Most strangely, they were all ready with a song.

We know it as a cult classic, of course, and the genesis of both Tim Burton’s career and a whole new line of Halloween outfits. But did you know there was a time when “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was nothing but a gleam in his eye?

A lowly animator in the early 1980s, Burton wasn’t yet the filmmaking powerhouse he is today. In fact, all he did was write a poem – a weird little thing about a singing skeleton. It wasn’t until Disney execs expressed interest in adapting it for the screen that Burton realized he was sitting on potential gold.

“Nightmare” went through several incarnations before it became a feature film. It was considered for a short movie, then a holiday special on TV. Burton re-created the concept art a dozen times. Despite writing the poem as a young man, it would be a decade until the movie really began to take shape.

Of course, the rest is history. Burton attracted big names for the project, like Chris Sarandon and Catherine O’Hara. He snagged Danny Elfman – an award-winning composer – for the musical numbers. They would toil together until 1993, when the movie finally hit theaters and became an instant success.

So what’s special about it? What about “Nightmare” inspired a multi-million dollar brand and a whole host of Halloween costumes?

The story is simple. Jack Skellington, a talking bag of bones from Halloween Town, finds himself bored with the holiday and the town’s constant fright nights. He wants something more – something different. Wandering the woods with nothing but his trusted sidekick, the ghost dog Zero, he stumbles on a portal that takes him to Christmas Town, and his life is never the same again.

The irony of a skeleton wanting to celebrate Christmas was not lost on audiences, especially when Jack donned a Santa hat and tried to distribute gifts among the world’s children. (For some strange reason, they didn’t like shrunken heads and cannibalistic Christmas lights.) But it was that dichotomy that made “Nightmare” famous, especially paired with Burton’s smart dialogue and memorable dance numbers.

It was also, simply, an idea that sold. Who wouldn’t want the soundtrack? Who wouldn’t want to dress up as any of the characters? The options were endless. Jack, the grinning, spinning skeleton. Sally, the talking rag doll with red hair and a patchwork dress.

Mens Halloween costumes were a special hit. Despite the stigma of guys playing dress-up, “Nightmare” offered the self-respecting man a way to get in the holiday spirit without looking silly. Burton was hip; the movie was smart. A guy could wear a “Nightmare” costume without losing any dignity, so the sale of mens Halloween outfits took off.

These days the movie is such a cult classic that the idea of a stigma is laughable. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has an award-winning film and soundtrack, and it’s been immortalized in everything from video games to theme parks to – of course – Halloween outfits.

If you’re looking for a new way to dress up (especially if you’re looking for mens Halloween costumes) then “Nightmare” is the remnant of a genius’ career and a beloved 90’s classic.

Not bad for a poem originally inspired by “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

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Vampire’s And Their Hlaaoween Outfits

Vampires and Their Halloween Outfits

If one thinks of traditional Halloween outfits, either being a witch or being Dracula usually comes to mind. Today, there’s also Scream, Freddy Krueger, and Beetlejuice, but in your area, you will still find quite a few little Dracula’s at your door saying, “Trick or Treat!” Where exactly did Halloween costumes come from, and what influence do vampires have on them?

Dressing up, or “guising” for Halloween is first recorded in Scotland in 1895, where townsfolk would go door to door with hollowed out turnips, and were rewarded in kind with fruit, money, and cakes. In 1911, “guising” was first recorded in Canada, and by the 1930s, costumes were first mass produced in the United States. This coincides with the 1931 release of the film version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi. Prior to the literary, and subsequent film version of Dracula, popular folklore envisioned vampires as bloated, rather disgusting creatures. Bela Lugosi brought to the screen a charming, sophisticated vampire. It would soon be emulated in men’s Halloween costumes worldwide.

The vampire men’s Halloween costumes of today still resemble the character of Bela Lugosi as Dracula: a long flowing black cape with collar, a vest, a button down shirt, black pants, black shoes, and pendant. Perhaps the most memorable scene of Bela is when Renfield arrives, and we catch the first glimpse of Dracula coming down the stairs. In his first line of the movie, chillingly, he simply says, “I am Dracula.”

Women’s Halloween outfits of modern times are not completely dissimilar. They can be long and flowing, or short and sexy, but they typically adhere to the button and cape style of dress of the masculine Dracula. Children’s Halloween outfits follow the same pattern, and you can even order a Dracula costume for your dog.

Beginning in the late 1990s to early 2000s, vampire popularization experienced a new resurgence with TV shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and in 2005, an author named Stephenie Meyer released a novel called Twilight, which really brought vampires into the spotlight. Twilight exploded into a series of books and movies, the popularity of which was unparalleled.

The men’s Halloween costumes from Twilight are quite different than that of your typical Dracula. Female costumes associated with Twilight are on the plainer side, if one is to emulate the character Bella, the main female character, correctly. To dress as Bella, your main accessory would be simply a corduroy jacket. Edward, the main male character in the book and movie, does not sport the flowing cape. He does favour a plaid button down shirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, and for the true Twilight fan, shimmer powder, as Edward does sparkle.

No matter what fads come and go, there will always be vampire costumes, and the traditional cape, vest, and button down look will always be the most popular, for both women and men’s Halloween costumes.

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