Some Great Ideas For Mens Halloween Costumes

Some great Ideas for mens Halloween costumes

Great ideas For Horror Stlye Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are not just for the young. There has been a progressive widening of the segment of the adult population who wants to don Halloween Outfits and engage in little harmless role playing. Women have a wide range of choices available to them, with costumes ranging from vampy numbers, like the French maid, to the classic mistresses of horror, like the Bride of Frankenstein. Until recently, the selection of mens Halloween Costumes has been limited, but options are multiplying. Horror costumes based on some of the all time blockbuster films remain consistently near the top choices of outfits. Halloween Outfits that resemble Beetlejuice; Ghostface from Scream; Billy, the puppet from Saw; and Michael Meyers are always winners.

Beetlejuice is that sassy and somewhat irreverent ghost from beyond who enters the movie as a comic figure and grows darker as the story progresses and he becomes a force with which to be reckoned. He’s vulgar and crude, with distinctive body postures and movements. A man choosing to masquerade as Beetlejuice can have a lot of fun and freedom with the role. The well known black and white striped suit is an absolute must to pull off the role and is one of the best Mens Halloween costumes. A crafty person may be able to construct the suit, but that might cost more than a readymade costume. It is up to the new Beetlejuice to decide how far he wants to carry the role. Some accessories that will give the costume a more authentic look would be a Beetlejuice wig, although someone who has hair long enough to pull off the look may choose to tease it out and use white or gray colored hairspray. Makeup is an important accompaniment, and most chain stores, party stores, or seasonal stores carry what is needed.

Ghostface, from Scream, anotherone of the most popular mens Halloween costumes, that harbinger of terrible death, has a classic horror look that many rely on for simplicity and ease. A consistently dark persona, with a deep threatening voice that instills horror in those who hear him, his appearance was based on the painting “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch. Someone dressed as Ghostface needs to carry himself in a menacing manner. An advantage to choosing to dress up as Ghostface lies in the fact that no makeup is necessary. This is a costumes that consists of a long ragged black reaper’s robe, a long hunting knife (fake, if you please), and the eerie elongated white mask. This is not a look for someone who wants to play with makeup effects, as the mask goes beyond the shape of any human features.

Billy, the eerie and childlike puppet from Saw, manipulated by the killer known as Jigsaw, is easily recognized, even for those who are not fans. He communicates in a gravelly deep voice, usually starting with the phrase, “I want to play a game” in a manner that is anything but childlike. Masks are available that replicate the distinctive white face, with red circles on each cheek, deepset black eyes, and a hinged jaw. A person skilled with makeup may be able to replicate the face. Billy wears an old fashioned black suit with a white shirt and a red bowtie. He moves about on a vintage tricycle.

Michael Meyers from the Halloween series of movies is the quintessential scary monster from horror films, but is probably the easiest one to recreate. A silent hulking figure carrying an oversized butcher’s knife, someone choosing this costume need only don a pair of grease stained coveralls and the classic Michael Meyers mask. He may be able to pull off the look with makeup, but the mask plays an important role in the character, and the setting of suburban neighborhood streets emptied of trick or treaters, where there is a slim possibility he may, or may not, blend in.

These four classic mens Halloween Costumes are a mere sampling of the vast selection available today. They offer an opportunity to let go of the adult responsibilities for one night and engage in a little play and pretend time.


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